Galfer USA has just introduced Quick Disconnect brake line fittings for rapid component swaps. The fittings can be added as an upgrade to any Galfer stainless steel-braided brake line kits.

GalferThe fittings feature an easy-to-operate spring-loaded mechanism that allows the line to be disconnected or reconnected without leaking brake fluid, or introducing air into the line. The Quick Disconnect fittings are made from high quality billet aluminum in a red anodized finish.

The Quick Disconnect fittings are ideal for bike owners who are looking for a fast and easy way to service their motorcycles with no need to bleed the lines afterwards, or for racers who require trackside braking components changes.

The Quick Disconnect fittings retail for $185.

For more information or to purchase Galfer’s Quick Disconnect fittings visit the company’s website at