Long days in the saddle can be a pain in the butt. Fortunately, the folks at American Motorcycle Specialties, USA have created a solution to what pains riders. New for 2014, the popular tailbone notch has been added to the entire line of Comfort Max Gel Pads.

Gel Pad Seat Cushion with construction layers

A comfortable seat cushion, like a good cake, is made of multiple layers.

The relief offered by the Comfort Max Gel Pads comes from their construction. The molded gel core is sandwiched between two layers of memory foam. This pairing of gel and foam molds to the shape of the rider’s hind parts to eliminate hot spots and other causes of tush pain. Plus, the pads act as an additional buffer from vibration and small bumps. Coupled with the new cutout designed to create space for the rider’s coccyx, the pads should be more comfortable than ever.

American Motorcycle Specialties says that combining the pad with a sheepskin cover improves the utility of the pad by allowing for air circulation to keep your hiney cool and dry.

A variety of seat cushions

The Comfort Max Gel Pad line of cushions with sheepskin covers.

So, if this sounds like the prescriptions for high mileage comfort, the Comfort Max Gel Pad retails for $69.95-$129.95 directly from American Motorcycle Specialties’ website or by phone at (800) 710–7237.