REV’IT! Sport USA has signed on as a partner in RawHyde Adventures’ “World of Adventure,” an online portal serving the needs of the dedicated adventure rider. The partnership will help enthusiasts discover the best gear for their two-wheeled passions – and move one step closer to the ride of their dreams.

Rev’It! serves the adventure market with premium textiles that perform well against the harshest climates and terrain out there, from the snowy fields of Russia to the sand-dunes of Africa. The current collection features the Poseidon riding suit, which Rev’It claims offers riders a groundbreaking first: the world’s only system to combine a waterproof GORE-TEX outer shell with a direct ventilation system.

Working with the World of Adventure, Rev’It! will continue to deliver gear into the hands of the riders who demand it the most. If you’re unfamiliar with Rev’It and the quality products it manufactures, click the link above to learn more. Similarly, if you’re an adventure rider, or are interested in adventure riding, the World of Adventure link above is a great resource to learn more about the many different places you can go on two wheels.