Motorcyclists are well aware of the danger other vehicles pose, especially those with four wheels and inattentive drivers. This video brings to life in dramatic fashion every rider’s worst nightmare — a careless driver pulling out in front of you with no time to react, resulting in a spectacular crash.

This video, posted last week, is already starting to become a viral hit. Mainly because of the sheer carelessness of the car driver. It happened in the UK, which means no, the child sitting in the front left passenger seat is not driving the car. As you can see, the two riders are riding along this main road at what the first pilot says is about 30-33 mph, when for no apparent reason, the car driver in the opposing lane decides to suddenly turn right directly in front of the motorcyclists.

I must say, the rider shows incredible restraint considering what he had just been through. Many people likely wouldn’t have been as calm. What do you think of this vid? Is there anything the rider could have done differently to possibly avoid the collision? Or was it just a freak circumstance? Tell us what you think below.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.