In the world of trikes, two of the many issues needing to be addressed when converting a two-wheeler into three, is that of steering and ride quality. Traditional trikes rely on the small contact patch of the front tire to handle changes in direction, while rear suspension designs draw a compromise between comfort and road-holding ability. Sabertooth Motorcycles, producers of the Wildcat trike series believe they have the answer. The company has received patents on a rear-wheel steering, and active suspension design it will incorporate on the Wildcat line.

The first of these technologies Sabertooth calls SureTrac, a rear-wheel-steering system (patent number 8,607,913), which provides added stability and ease of turning. It will be standard equipment on the V8 WildCat trike series and the new 850 cc, 104 hp WildCat “e” trike series.

“Turning the handlebars on a conventional trike requires ever increasing force the faster the rider is going, and on slick roads the front tire can slide while the rear tires go in a straight line,” says Sabertooth Motorcycles Founder Ben Daniels. “Rear steering makes the trike much easier to turn and lets a two rear wheel trike handle nimbly while increasing safety and stability.”

Sabertooth’s new proprietary DynaGrip active suspension system (patent number 8,645,024)  incorporates an independent rear suspension for a smooth, comfortable ride and also functions to stiffen the rear suspension in coordination with the rider turning the handlebars, thus preventing the trike from leaning or squatting in turns. An active suspension provides a better quality ride in all scenarios, which represents a leap forward in trike technology.

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