Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 ltd.

Things have been fairly quiet of late with German manufacturer Horex. We’re still waiting for Horex to produce the supercharged version of its VR6 Roadster, not to mention the eventual expansion to North America. That’s why we’re glad to hear about the latest motorcycle to come out of Augsburg, Germany, the Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 ltd.

Following the original VR6 Roadster and the VR6 Classic, the new Cafe Racer shares the same 1218cc engine with twin offset banks of three cylinders arranged in a 15-degree V configuration. Horex claims an output of 125 hp at 8500 rpm and 88.5 ft-lb. at 7000 rpm, matching the Classic’s numbers but  down from the Roadster’s claimed 158 hp and 101 ft-lb. As its name implies however, Horex will only produce a limited run of 33 units, each priced at  €33,333 (sensing a theme here?)

Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 ltd. headlight triple clamp

Designed with the help of German parts developer LSL Motorradtechnik, the Cafe Racer shares the same frame as the original Roadster, but with a leaner, deeper cut seat that Horex says makes it easier for the rider to shift his weight. Horex removed the standard Roadster’s rear fender while trimming the front fender.

A lower CNC-machined triple-clamp and footrests pushed 10 mm back create a more aggressive riding position with a low horizontal profile highlighted by the new tail cover.

Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 ltd. tail cover

While the Roadster and Classic models come with 48mm WP forks and Sachs monoshocks, the Cafe Racer is equipped with an Ohlins 43mm fork and TTX36 rear shock. Ohlins also supplies the 16-way adjustable steering damper. Brakes are the same Brembo four-piston monobloc calipers and 320mm disc up front and two-piston rear caliper with 264mm disc at the rear. Like the other Horex models, Bosch 9MB ABS comes standard.

[Source: Horex]