Honda CB300F trademark rendering

Earlier this week, we uncovered Kawasaki‘s design trademark for a naked version of its 250cc single-cylinder Ninja RR Mono. It now looks like Kawasaki isn’t the only Japanese manufacturer with a small-displacement naked model on the way.

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Honda has registered a trademark on the design for a new motorcycle that appears to be a naked CBR300R or CBR250R. Registered with the European Union’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market on Dec. 20, 2013, the design at first glance resembles the Honda CB500F, especially with its single headlight design.

Honda CB300F trademark rendering front and rear

Upon closer inspection however, we see the design varies significantly from the CB500F, especially the telltale single pipe exiting the engine suggesting just the one cylinder. Look at the renderings next to a picture of the CBR250R without its fairing and we can see a similar engine, frame and wheel design as the entry-level sportbike.

Here’s a detailed rendering from the trademark filing:

Honda CB300F trademark rendering left profile

And here’s the stripped-down CBR250R. See the similarities?

Honda CBR250R without fairing

We’ve long been expecting Honda to release a naked version of the little CBR ever since the company first introduced the 250 in 2011. Last September, we broke the story about allegedly leaked internal Honda document that revealed several model names for the Japanese market including the VFR800F, CTX1300, CBR650F, CB650F and a redesigned CBR250R. In the ensuing months, we’ve seen all of those models come to light, including the revamped 250 and a new CBR300R for developed markets.

The only new model from that document yet to be revealed was the CB250F, which leads us to believe that will be the name Honda will use for this new model, with some markets likely getting a 286cc CB300F.

There’s no indication when Honda will official announce this new naked model, but we expect to hear something soon.

[Source: OHIM]