Help Fund It’s Something Inside, A Motorcycle Racing Documentary – Video

John Shofner‘s documentary It’s Something Inside, is a feature length documentary with an aim to bring out the soul and spirit motorcycle racing in the United States. But he needs our help. Shofner has started a Kickstarter page to help raise the $400,000 needed to produce It’s Something Inside to his satisfaction.

No, that wasn’t a typo. Shofner really is looking to raise 400-large. However, as he explains, producing a feature-length documentary that will get noticed by the major studios (which is his goal) would cost millions. At the very least, Shofner has experience getting big-budget Kickstarter campaigns successfully funded. In 2012, his $40,000 campaign to fund a go-karting documentary raised over $42k. He’s hoping that generous spirit of the motorsport community will come through once again.

Though it’s a niche, motorcycle racing is a beautiful sport. Shofner understands this, and since the sport took a nosedive after the economic collapse, he’s been doing his part to promote the sport to its former glory. Says Shofner, with It’s Something Inside “I plan to develop a film which will excite people who have never before watched road racing, as well as bring pride to the people that participate in the sport on a daily basis.” He continues, “a return to the glory days is something I’d love to try to help accomplish.”

As of this posting, 58 people have already committed more than $14,000. The deadline to pledge is March 26 at 10:10am PST, and for those who aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, projects are funded on an “all or nothing” basis. So if $400,000 isn’t reached, Shofner gets none of the donations and funding for the project goes back to the drawing board.

Be sure to visit the It’s Something Inside Kickstarter page for full details on the project. Any donation, small or large, is accepted, and to help you get an idea of the quality of Shofner’s work, check out the trailer below.