Energica EGO

Those on board with the electric motorcycle movement should be happy to know that Energica, the Italian e-bike manufacturer, is expanding. Not only is the company seeking to grow its staff, Energica also has big plans to demo its flagship, the 2015 Energica Ego, in select cities worldwide.

For a quick refresher on the Ego, here are the important bits: Energica claims 100kW (134 hp) and 195 Nm (143 ft-lbs) from the Ego’s motor. It also claims top speeds hovering around 150 mph. From there, the Ego incorporates many 3D printed pieces and panels, using the same application seen in the space program and in Formula 1.

If you’ve read E-i-C Kevin Duke’s review of the Ego above, you’ll see the bike he rode was a prototype. However, Energica hasn’t remained stagnant since Duke’s visit, as it has also announced a series of events and demo rides to be held in Italy, Germany, and here in the U.S.A. Details of the tour schedule haven’t been finalized yet, but check out www.energicasuperbike.com regularly for updates.

Also, as stated earlier, Energica is looking to expand. Specifically, electrical and mechanical engineers are in high demand. In fact, the company has recently hired American Cory Cellec as Project Manager. If you think you have the skills and desire to join Energica, click on the Careers tab of the Energica Superbike website to learn more.