CBR1000 VS Rat Bike

In a revision of the classic hustle of tempting someone with something shiny and new with the easy mark of something old and dumpy, this CBR1000 rider lines up against a 70 hp Harley rat bike in a back alley drag race. What makes this video so compelling is the Honda rider’s unfailing belief in the superiority of his higher-powered, more performance-oriented motorcycle. He lines up against the Harley rider not once, not twice, but three times – only to get his ass handed to him each time.

If he’d checked his testosterone at the door, he’d have noticed that the entire event is designed to make him fail. A longer wheelbase bike is much easier to launch. V-Twins have much more torque in the bottom end. Finally, the race is so short that it ends before the CBR’s superior performance has time to reel in the rat bike.

We’re not sure what we like most in this video: the raised fist of the victor as he returns to his adoring fans or the head down dejected exit of the Honda pilot who would, most likely, take small comfort in the fact that they weren’t racing for pinks.