2014 Vespa Primavera

You can always tell you’re looking at a Vespa-issued press photo because it looks like it came from a fashion shoot rather than a media kit for a scooter. Just look at the images above from the official Vespa Primavera press kit. Of course, this is all part of Vespa’s brand identity, appealing to styish young urbanites more likely to read GQ than Motortrend.

It should come as no surprise then that the Piaggio Group announced it is introducing a new Vespa-branded fragrance with French beauty company Coty. In fact, we’re kind of surprised it doesn’t already exist.

Piaggio and Coty will produce two separate Vespa scents for men and for women which will be released in May. Coty is no stranger to branded fragrances. Coty’s fragrance portfolio includes fashion labels such as Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, as well as celebrities such as Beyoncé, David Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Expect to see the new Vespa scents at cosmetic stores in May.

[Source: Piaggio]