2013 Honda CBR500R, CB500F, CB500X

Honda has recalled its 2013 CB500F, CB500X and CBR500R models in Australia because of a defect that could cause an oil leak. At the moment, no recall has been announced for the U.S., though there is a good possibility one will be announced shortly, as all 500-series models are manufactured in the same Honda factory in Thailand.

There is a similar recall for the Japanese market for the CB400F, CB400X and CBR400R, which are mechanically identical to Honda’s 500-series models, but with a smaller engine to meet the country’s tiered licensing requirements. 

According to the Australian and Japanese recall notices, the rocker arm shaft sealing bolt may come loose, causing oil to leak from the engine. If left undetected, the loss of oil may cause the engine to fail. The Japanese recall attributes the problem to the incorrect use of a rust inhibitor to the bolt which may cause it to loosen under the heat of the engine.

Recall diagram for Honda CBR400R

Honda dealers will replace the rocker arm shaft sealing bolts on affected units. We will provide an update if/when a similar recall is announced for the U.S. by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

[Source: ACCC, MLIT]