You may not have heard of ZEV electric scooters and bicycles, but if these three models are any indication, this may change. ZEV has announced big changes to the 10 LRC scooter, as well as updates to the 6000 L and T-10 scooters as well.

Starting with the $13,990 10 LRC, it features a 10kWh battery pack. ZEV claims 12kw of peak power, with 10kw continuous. This translates into speeds approaching 100 mph or range as far as 140 miles from one charge. The 10 LRC, which, from the rear, has a slight resemblance to some Kymco models, is capable of two-up traveling, and also benefits from the cargo capacity typical mega-scooters enjoy. The hub-mounted motor keeps weight low and frees up space for storage.

The 6000L scooter represents a very cost-effective alternative in the electric scooter market. It uses a silicone/lead based battery with a 6000 watt rating yet costs only $4595. ZEV claims top speed is 61 mph, with usable range (meaning traveling at a reasonable speed) around 50 miles.

Lastly, the T-7100 model is what ZEV calls the “hot rod” of the line. With its rugged looks and off-road pretenses, it’s now upgraded with the power unit of the LRC, meaning it, too, has 12kw of peak power, 10kWh battery capacity, 80 mph speeds, and 140 mile range.

For a limited time, all ZEV scooters are eligible for a $250 rebate. There’s much more to learn about ZEV electric scooters. For full details on these, and the rest of the ZEV line, visit the ZEV website.