Two days ago we posted about an ultra-exclusive Honda CB750 prototype for sale on eBay. One of only four built, and the only one still in operating condition, bidding for this piece of motorcycling history was fast and furious. However, once all was said and done, the winning bid for this Honda was an astounding $148,100.

Looking at the bid history, there were 102 bids placed between 27 bidders, with the seller cleverly setting the starting price at $1969. Within 24 hours the bids had already surpassed the $92,000 mark, and didn’t show any signs of stopping. Bids stayed relatively stagnant at $131,000 for a few days, but as bidding came to a close, action heated up again until the nearly $150,000 offer was submitted.

Congratulations to the new owner. If he/she has enough coin for a 45 year-old Honda worth six figures, we can only imagine what the rest of their garage looks like.