The latest suspension manufacturer to hit the block, Nitron is hitting the ground running. Its latest offering, the Adventure series of shocks, leaves no question as to its intended pursuit.

Crafted from aluminum alloy with stainless steel fittings, Nitron Adventure Series of shocks are lighter weight than standard ones, and are built to withstand the harsh environments adventure riders are known to travel.

Adventure shock features include a high-flow, 46mm piston, for maximum damping reaction and cool running; precision, billet-machined end caps; sealed bearings in each end mount; full alloy body; exclusive bi-axis swivel, 720-degree, hose ends on the remote reservoir models; stout and polished 16mm piston rod; 24 clicks of rebound adjustment; 16 clicks of compression adjustment on the two- and three-way shocks, with an added 18 clicks of low speed compression adjustment on the three-way; and every Nitron shock is proudly hand assembled and dyno verified. As with all Nitron shocks, every Adventure Series damper can be fully disassembled, serviced, and rebuilt, down to the smallest component.

The Nitron Adventure Series shocks are available in price options of damping in one-way, two-way, or three-way, with optional hydraulic preload adjustor (HPA), and optional ride-height adjustor. Nitron fitments for adventure bikes include BMW (front and rear), Honda, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha, with Kawasaki applications coming this year.

Managing Director of Nitron Racing Systems, Guy Evans, said, “Since I’m an avid adventure rider myself, proving the performance of these shocks has been a project from within my own motorcycling soul. As often as possible I’m riding somewhere in the world where roads don’t go, relying on the performance of my own designs. In celebration of Nitron USA, this summer I’ll be riding the Trans American Trail, from beginning to end. On that ride we’ll test the durability of some exciting new products, with the aim of signing off on them for immediate availability to all riders. Be prepared for ongoing postings, and please track our trek and meet us.”

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