We all know we should check our tire pressure regularly to ensure our bikes perform properly, but we have to get the gauge, bend down, remove the valve-stem cap, and then check the pressure without releasing too much air in the process. The makers of RightPSI have developed a handy tire pressure monitoring cap that you can check while you walk up to your motorcycle. In 2011, RightPSI was awarded the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for achievement in product design and innovation.

RightPSI tire pressure indicators

When you see orange, you need to inflate your tires.

The plastic cap screws on in place of your standard valve-stem cap. When your tire is properly inflated, the cap is all black. If the pressure drops below a certain point, an orange ring appears. If you see a yellow ring when your tires are cold, they are overinflated. All you have to do is purchase caps in the right PSI level from the current listing of 28, 30, 33, 35, 40 or 50. Other levels will be added later.

Since the caps have a flow-through design, you don’t have to remove them to adjust tire pressure. Simply fill the tire until the orange ring turns black.

Beginning on February 17th, the folks producing RightPSI will use Kickstarter to raise the capital to purchase the multi-cavity tooling and a laser for plastic welding. Varying levels of rewards are offered depending on the amount of your pledge.

[Source: RightPSI]