Jeremiah Johnson on the Brutus electric motorcycle

Jeremiah Johnson, the 22-year road racing veteran, and electric motorcycle crusader, will race with Brutus and the V2 Rocket in 2014. The bike is being built by Bell Custom Bike shop in Las Vegas, NV.

Details on the V2 Rocket are sparse, mainly because it’s still in the prototyping stage, and “specs may change, as we change our minds,” Brutus claims. What we do know is the V2 Rocket is capable of housing a 20kWh battery pack, will weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 545 lbs., and otherwise feature full sportbike-quality components. Brutus intends for the V2 Rocket to be made available both as a street or track-ready motorcycle, starting at approximately $26,490.

Team Be-EV.Com Racing will be using the new Brutus V2 Rocket to have Jeremiah once again return to the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. Johnson will also be piloting the V2 Rocket at roadracing tracks across the country, as well as other less mainstream types of racing. Jeremiah is impressed with the early stages of the bike and is looking forward to the advances the team can bring to electric racing with it.

Johnson said, “It was really cool to be able to give some input to the design from the beginning and then to be able to go to the shop and give suggestions on slight modifications at the midway point. It is really good to be working with a company that is striving to always get better and is open to suggestions. I’m really looking forward to racing the Brutus V2 Rocket this year. With the design and specs of this bike, I am looking to add some different types of races this year than what I normally race. It is a good meeting of minds so to speak, with different players bringing different aspects to the table. It is looking like it is going to be a good season.”

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