The custom motorcycle scene is different in Indonesia. Just take this 1968 Yamaha XS650 for example. Built by Barata Dwiputra of Thrive Motorcycles, his inspiration came from a very unsuspecting source: wood-burning stoves.

It’s a bit hard to see the connection if you ask me, but both could be considered relics from a time gone by. Dwiputra spent over a year locating and obtaining the XS, but once it was in his possession he went crazy on it. The engine received a complete teardown and rebuild, the bodywork was custom made and painted to something resembling the hue of a wood-burning stove, and the wheelbase was extended via a custom swingarm. Total build time: two months.

From there, accents like the seat, floating rear fender, bars, controls, and all the finer pieces were set in place. If you look carefully, you’ll see the brass and copper accents throughout the bike. And if you look even closer, you’ll notice a tray underneath the seat. Hello storage compartment! A pair of leather belts keeps items like flannel shirts and an emergency tool kit in place while riding.

Whatever the inspiration, it’s without doubt a lovely motorcycle from Thrive, a small shop in Indonesia. Kudos.

[Source: Bike Exif]