Can Akkaya, proprietor and lead instructor behind has been hard at work over the off season finalizing 2014 dates, all of which you can find on the Superbike Coach website.

For those who don’t know Akkaya, he was a former professional motorcycle racer in Europe, having raced in German IDM, Dutch Open, Spanish Open, and the European Championship. After a MotoGP wildcard attempt fell through in 1995, he decided to retire. He remained active in the sport by writing books and teaching schools in, and in 2008 he immigrated to the United States to continue his racetrack teachings in California.

Akkaya offers lessons for both beginning and experienced riders, whether on the street or track. He also offers wheelie schools, knee-down lessons, bike setup courses, guided motorcycle tours, and much more. The latest feature to the Superbike Coach website is the “Coach’s blog,” where Akkaya talks about controversial subjects.

Once again, visit for more information and to schedule a class session.