Each year, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) gives awards to individuals and organizations that it feels have done the most to support its mission of exposing the public to positive images of motorcycling and protecting motorcycling from actions (legislative and otherwise) that could damage the sport. For 2014, the AMA Board of Directors acknowledges the following award winners:

AMA Dud Perkins Lifetime Achievement Award: The most prestigious award of the year goes to Mike and Margaret Wilson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The couple have both been members of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation’s board of directors which provides fund raising for the Hall of Fame. The Wilsons were also behind the commissioning and contribution of “Glory Days,” a bronze sculpture that became the Hall of Fame’s logo.

The Wilsons are true motorcyclists. Margaret has ridden her bike over half a million miles and is a member of the Motor Maids. Said Mike, “Dud Perkins was good friend of ours. He did a lot for motorcycling, he treated us as equals and to be remembered in his name like this is fantastic.”

AMA Bessie Stringfield Award: Recognizing those who work to bring motorcycling into new markets or increase their presence in underutilized ones, this award goes to Scot Harden and Zero Motorcycles for their groundbreaking efforts to make electric motorcycles part of our everyday riding world. Harden stated, “Electric motorcycles are developing rapidly as viable alternatives to their internal-combustion engine brothers and can only bring more people into our tent. We’ve opened the sport up to a whole host of new and returning riders, not to mention many current enthusiasts who are enthralled by the acceleration, ease of operation, environmental benefits and magic carpet ride-like experience our products offer. I’m proud to be part of a U.S.-based manufacturer that is making such a positive impact on the future of our sport.”

AMA Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award: Two films are recipients this year for their influential, positive portrayal of motorcycling. Why We Ride producer responded to the award by saying, “Being recognized for doing we what love to do, which is telling stories that inspire audiences to embrace the passion of two wheels and to live everyday to its fullest, is a great honor.” Writer/director of Road Warriors, The Bleeding Edge of Motorcycle Racing, Matt Greenstone said, “From the start, this project was designed to grow the audience for the sport of American road racing. From the AMA, we had support at every level… In an effort to pay it forward, 100 percent of any proceeds created by ”Road Warriors“ DVDs will go towards riders’ charities.”

AMA Outstanding Road Rider Award: AMA Life Member and Lead Instructor of the Fort Knox, Kentucky Army Traffic Safety Training Program Office, Donald L. Green, has “trained more than 3,000 students, conducted 111 Basic RiderCourses, 51 Basic RiderCourses2, 19 Military Sportsbike RiderCourses and 5 Advance RiderCourses” on his way to receiving this award.

AMA Outstanding Off-Road Rider Award: AMA District 37 Dual Sport organizers and promoters of the LA-Barstow-Vegas desert event, Jim Pilon and Paul Flanders, were honored for their efforts to promote off-road riding.

Friend of the AMA Award: Roy Garrett, AMA Life Member, ABATE of Indiana and Discover Indiana Riding Trails (DIRT), receives the award for his promotion of off-road recreation for many years, particularly his ability to assist the collaboration of on- and off-highway organizations in their efforts to protect the state’s rider’s rights to ride.

[Source: American Motorcyclist Association]