Quinn Redeker is one talented motorcycle rider. In this impressive video, watch as he wins a motorcycle skills competition aboard his motorcycle. And oh yeah, Redeker is a motorcycle cop. His steed: a BMW R1200RT Police Edition.

The competition in this video pits many of Southern California’s moto-cops in a gymkhana-like skills test to see who can navigate their way around the course with the least amount of time penalties. Putting a foot down or otherwise putting something on the ground other than the bike’s two tires incurs penalties.

Redeker displays impeccable clutch, throttle, and brake control while maintaining great balance over the motorcycle — a sign he is clearly very in tune with his BMW. Maneuvers like complete circles (in both directions) and tight slaloms are difficult on any motorcycle. Later in the vid, Redeker displays his skills in the slow race, which, as the name implies, rewards whoever can make it through a prescribed course with the longest time. Yep, Quinn won that race also, though he had a few close calls. As is shown in the video, Quinn won first place in the BMW 1200 division. We tried looking for a Harley-Davidson class but our search came up empty.

So if you’re in the Ventura, California, area and see a moto-cop behind you, don’t try and test his skills. You’re definitely going to get embarrassed if Quinn Redeker is on your six. Not to mention you’ll receive a great view from the back of a squad car.