Terra Motors Kiwami

Japanese electric vehicle maker Terra Motors revealed a new sportbike called the Kiwami. Japanese for “extreme”, or “ultimate”, the Kiwami was revealed in India, ahead of the 2014in New Delhi in early February, making it the first electric superbike in the country.

According to Terra Motors, the Kiwami offers acceleration performance equivalent to a 1000cc gasoline-powerd sportsbike. The electric motor claims a capacity of 10 kw (13 hp), which Terra claims will provide for a top speed of 160 kph (99.4 mph). Terra did not reveal much information about the battery, though the company claims it provides for a range of 200 km (124.3 miles), with a charge time of six hours.

Terra Motors Kiwami front left

Terra Motors is investing 300 million Indian rupees (US$4.8 million) into its expansion into India. The company plans to offer the Kiwami at a price of 1.8 million Indian rupees (US$28,740).

The Toky0-based Terra Motors was established in 2010 and now has a network of 1,000 dealers in Japan, with annual sales of 20,000 vehicles. Until the Kiwami launched, Terra’s only vehicle in production was the A4000i electric scooter claiming a top speed of 40 mph and range of 40 miles. Terra Motors also has a three-wheeled vehicle in development, with a covered rear area for passengers intended for use as a taxi trike.

[Source: Terra Motors]