Every time a group of motorcyclists takes to the road together, they inevitably have a moment where they need to communicate with each other. If everyone is equipped with Bluetooth headset, then all they have to do is talk, but let’s be realistic. While Bluetooth systems are getting better and less expensive, the vast majority of riders still don’t use them.

So, how are we expected to communicate? The best way to get your message across, when riding in a group, is to agree on some common hand signals. American Sign Language requires the use of both hands, making that a bad choice for motorcycling. However, the folks at Michael Padway & Associates put together a handy info graphic of some common signs that riders could benefit from using. (You didn’t let that terrible pun slip past, did you?) We like the chart. Vanity Fair clearly likes the presentation, too, since it selected it as one of “The Best Infographics of 2013.”

Download and print a few copies of this to take on your next group ride. Just don’t misinterpret the intentions of that attractive rider who pulls up alongside you and signals for a “comfort stop.”

Motocycle hand signal flyer

Share this handout with your fellow riders. You can only communicate if you have a common (sign) language.

[Source: Michael Padway & Associates]