One of the most common critiques about electric motorcycles is the limited range available in their lithium-ion batteries. Motorcycle tour company Edelweiss Bike Travel will put those concerns to the test, with its new zero-emission Alps Electric Tour.

The week-long tour package includes five days of riding through the Austrian Alps, covering from 70 to 190 miles each day on Zero S and DS motorcycles. Edelweiss is taking bookings for its two planned tours, running July 27 to Aug. 2 and Aug. 3 to Aug. 9.

To those who doubt the Zero motorcycles would be up to the task, Edelweiss says they’ve already done it, using the electric bikes for its annual company ride for office staff and tour guides last May. The Edelweiss team spent three days riding over the passes of the Alps and the Dolomites, both solo and two-up, and using a mix of both Sport and Eco ride modes.

The team’s experience led to the decision to offer customers the Alps Electric Tour. The tour begins and ends in Mieming, Austria, running a circuit through Switzerland and northern Italy. Highlights along the route include the famous Stelvio Pass, the Timmelsjoch pass from Austria to Italy and the man-made Lake Reschen.

Edelweiss Alps Electric Tour route

Prices range from $3,230 to $3,640, depending on whether you want to ride solo or two-up or share accommodations. Like most Edelweiss tours, the price covers hotel accommodations, motorcycle rental and insurance, a tour guide and a support van for carrying luggage.

[Source: Edelweiss]