Elbow dragging is so passé. These days, to be really cool, you need to drag your helmet.

Now, most of us only want our helmets to touch the pavement when we’re also dragging large portions of our bodies. All too often the scraping sound of the outer shell is followed by sky, ground, sky, ground, sky, ground, sky. This rider, whose leathers look like there is a regiment of angry ants attacking his back, not only chooses to tap his lid to the tarmac mid-corner, but he also manages to do it without incident.

We’ll place this video in the category of don’t try this if you want to remain attached to all your appendages. While this clip is two years old, it’s new to us, and we got pretty stoked to see a rider head banging at Chuckwalla Raceway. Talk about testicular fortitude!

We chose this version of the video because it includes slow motion, but you can find the rider’s original video here.