Nitron may be a new entry into the field of performance motorcycle suspensions, but its top-of-the-line Race Pro shock exhibits all of the qualities the demanding rider has come to expect.

The 3-way adjustable damper is available in three reservoir options, dictated by the needs of specific fitments: perpendicular piggyback reservoir, angled pistol reservoir; or remote hose-type reservoir. All Race Pro shocks are gas charged and have 3D CNC billet end caps, 3-way damping adjustment — 16 clicks of high-speed compression, 18 clicks of low speed compression, 24 clicks of rebound — length and preload adjustability; 46mm CNC ported hard anodized pistons for fast-reacting damping control, stout 16mm piston rods, all-aluminum body parts, Teflon-lined spherical bearings in the mounting bosses, a special spring coating named FLEXaLIGHT, a PU scraper to protect the piston rod seal, Teflon-banded aluminum separator piston, fully rebuildable modular assembly, hard-anodized forged aluminum piston and reservoir tubes, progressive bumpstop, triple shim stack, and a hardened and polished piston rod.

This list of features is undoubtedly impressive, leading Nitron to claim in its release, “If Nitron shocks were smaller, they’d come in jewelry boxes.”

So you’ve read the Race Pro’s list of features, but still don’t know why you should care. Nitron explains it thusly: The energized Teflon bands on the piston eliminate blow by, similar bands on the separator piston eliminate cavitation, the cold-forged tubes result in the smoothest and straightest tubes possible for long wear and a perfect seal, the large piston size results in ultra-fast damping reaction, and the single-tube design provides increased cooling for race-long or day-long predictable responses. Additionally, the Nitron shocks that have a hose-type reservoir exclusively feature hoses with mounts at each end with 720-degree bi-axis swivels, for ease of mounting and stressless flexibility. Knob-type hydraulic preload adjustability is also an option. Unique to Nitron’s quality control: every single shock is individually dyno tested and given a unique serial number prior to delivery to the customer.

Don’t think Nitron is just catering to riders of new bikes — there’s also a wide range of high-quality street and racing fitments for older single-shock sportbikes and twin-shock motorcycles as well, since aging motorcycles need respect too. The Race Pro 3-way is priced at $1,099.99, or $1,349.99 with the knob-type preload adjustor, though pricing of a few applications may vary. Nitron also has a range of less expensive shock options for many motorcycles; Race Series, Track Series, Sport Series, Street Series, Adventure Series, twin-shock Race Series, and the Stealth Series for V-twins. Some mono-shock applications start at $499.99. Custom shocks are also available.

While Nitron’s U.S. website is still under construction, you can visit Nitron’s Facebook page for more information.