Kids really do have it good these days. Case in point is this super stylish motocross-themed push bicycle found in the Yamaha Europe catalog. Parents out there are probably well aware of these bikes without pedals, but as someone without kids this is a new discovery for me. I can’t help but wish I had one of these when I was starting out on two wheels. Apparently training wheels are so ten years ago. 

The birch wood bike features slick tires, Yamaha MX graphics, exhaust pipes, sculpted swingarm, tail, and even a fake engine! These pedal-less bikes help the young ones learn balance and coordination that will help them as they transition to actual bicycles, and eventually motorcycles.

Yamaha says the bike is suitable for kids ranging from 2 – 6 years old, with a handlebar height of 17.3 inches, seat height ranging from 13.0 – 13.8 inches, and wheelbase of 24.2 inches. However, none of this matters if you live in the U.S., as the bike currently isn’t available Stateside.