Vespa rider getting his knee down while chasing a supermoto on track.

In motorcycling, like photography, the person behind the controls makes all the difference. This video is a clear example of this. Watch the Vespa rider hauling butt, dragging knee, and embarrassing his friend on the camera bike riding a supermoto.

The video takes place in Hungary at the Pannonia circuit, and not many details are provided, but from the description we know that a Vespa and supermoto of unknown make and model are involved. But really, who cares about the camera bike — check out the guy on the Vespa!

Vespa power wheelie on the racetrack chasing a supermoto.

He’s a perfect example of proper form, bike familiarity, and track knowledge coming together. His lines are fast and flowing, and he looks like he’s doing his best Rossi impression going into every corner. Meanwhile, he and the little scooter are in complete harmony. Be sure to check out the power wheelies — yes, power wheelies — he hoists up from time to time. The best comes early on at the 1:02 mark. Bravo to you, Vespa rider, for some excellent riding and a fun video!