January 20, 2014
| On 9 years ago

Motorcyclist Attempts To Cross Flash Flood – Video

In this day of GoPro cameras and YouTube fame, ordinary people are now able to capture their extraordinary feats for the world to see. Then there’s Michael Henao. Watch in this video as he tries to cross a flash flood in Colorado on two wheels. In case you’re wondering, yes, the result is exactly what you think.

Among his other accomplishments, Henao (think, “Hey Now”) is the 2013 Pikes Peak Superbike 750 winner, so his skills on a motorcycle are fairly impressive, but on this particular day Mother Nature proved once again it’s too big a match for youthful exuberance. Michael wanted to check out the damage that resulted in the flooding around the Boulder, CO area. Needless to say, he got way more than he bargained for.

Maybe the bigger surprise from this video is the fact the bike was recovered a few days later! But as he says on his YouTube page, it “needs a complete tear down before i can turn her over again…”

Glad you’re alright, Michael. You crazy bugger!