In preparation for Anaheim 2, round 3 of the AMA Supercross championship, a few Yamaha teams are embracing the past for team colors.

The Rock River Yamaha team is going back to Yamaha’s corporate roots with a White and Red themed look that could be found on YZs in the latter half of the 1980s and into the 90s. This color scheme also graced the prototype YZ400F Doug Henry rode into the history books with his win at the 1997 Las Vegas Supercross. Look for team riders Kyle Chisholm and Les Smith on their retro 2014 YZ450Fs.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Yamaha JGRMX team has the 1970s on their mind with a modern day interpretation of the golden era of YZs and their yellow and black graphics. Legends like Bob Hannah, Broc Glover, Rick Burgett, Mike Bell and Pierre Karsmakers, were all champions who rode the yellow and black YZs to victory. The Toyota Yamaha JGRMX team is going all out with both the riders and the team personnel getting into the retro spirit with retro themed team apparel and rider gear.