Arai has just released two new graphics, one for the Vector-2 and another for the RX-Q model lines. The new RX-Q Flame design, from the famed studio of Aldo Drudi, takes its inspiration from the stylish paint jobs hot rodders have applied to their rides for decades. Traditional flame graphics lay over a base of linear and gradient forms, perfectly combining old and new. Just like those hot-rod machines of old, this one definitely stands out on the road.

Not to be outdone, the new Vector-2 Contest design incorporates that longstanding symbol of racing victory, the checkered flag, with striking design. Featuring subtle checkered flags on the front and sides, and bold racing stripes from front to back, the Vector-2 Contest is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a classic, race-inspired style. And with its wider eyeport, updated chin vent design for improved airflow and new, fully removable liner, the Vector-2 has the function to back up its well-executed form. The Vector-2 Contest is available in either Silver or Red.

As with all Arai helmets, each is hand crafted by skilled artisans, then sent through two independent quality-control departments before being allowed to wear the Arai name. Arai helmets also feature the foundational R75 shape, providing a rounder, smoother and stronger shell that is better able to divert impact energy by sliding, not catching, on uneven surfaces. Still not sure what that means? Then see the video below for an explanation.

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