A post like this should begin with a statement that we at Motorcycle.com don’t condone the kind of behavior you’ll see in the video below. Clearly, performing stunts on a motorcycle should be done in a controlled environment and not on public roads. Now with that said, feast your eyes on Unknown Industries’ latest video, “Harley Wheelies 12.”

As the title suggests, this is the  twelfth installment of Unknown Industries romping Harley-Davidsons around on one wheel. This time, team riders Nick Leonetti, Buddy Suttle, Kade Gates and their friends ride through the streets of San Francisco, Petaluma, and throughout the Northern California Bay Area.

The “Harley Wheelies” YouTube series began over four years ago and has 2.5 million views to date.  The previous episode, Harley Wheelies 11, has over half a million views on YouTube.

Some might call the riding in this video reckless and irresponsible. Whatever your thoughts on this, hoisting the front tire of a Harley (or any bike) in the air and carrying it for long stretches is a true talent if you ask me. Recently, Ed-in-Chief, and resident wheelie guy, Kevin Duke, penned his list of the Top 10 bikes to wheelie and not a single H-D made the list. Maybe he should give one of these bikes a try…