Honda Europe has announced big changes for the upcoming 2014 PCX125 and PCX150 line of scooters, to be available in the spring. As one of Europe’s top-selling scooters, Honda listened to customer feedback when updating the PCX line.

Both PCX’s receive full LED lighting, reducing drain on the engine, as well as a switch for hazard lights. A clock function has been added to the dash, and more importantly, a 12v AC adaptor to the fairing compartment to power items like cell phones or GPS devices.

Low rolling resistance tires and further improvements to reduce friction within the engine help improve fuel economy. Fuel capacity has also been increased to 2.1 gallons (from 1.6 gallons) to help achieve even greater range. Honda claims over 217 miles for the 150, 233 miles for the 125.

The selectable Idling Stop function automatically stops the engine running after three seconds at idle and re-starts it instantly the throttle grip is twisted. Updated for 2014, Idling Stop now has functionality to ‘read’ the battery charge and turns itself off to avoid excessive drain. The battery itself is also a larger, long-life unit, from YTZ7S to YTZ8V.

As we don’t get the PCX125 stateside, it’s likely we’ll receive an announcement from Honda America regarding the updated PCX150 coming here soon.