Yamaha has tweaked its adventure-touring entry to keep pace with new and improved entries from its competition. The 2014 Super Tens receive a modest boost in power, new LCD instrumentation, the latest D-MODE switchable mapping “for refined town and sport settings,” LED turnsignals, a tapered aluminum handlebar and standard cruise control.

The Super Ténéré ES is a new range-topping version. As the nomenclature indicates, the ES boasts electronic suspension adjustments, plus several other upgrades. The ES follows the path of Yamaha’s FJR1300ES introduced a few months ago, using KYB suspension components that can be adjusted while riding using multi-function switchgear. On the FJR-ES, front and rear damping is adjustable to three settings and can be fine-tuned plus or minus three levels from neutral within the Soft, Standard or Hard settings. The shock is preload-adjustable to four settings to accommodate various loads. Expect a similar arrangement on Super Ténéré ES.

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The ES also includes heated grips and a windscreen adjustable over four positions. The spec sheet reveals an additional 10 pounds for the ES, yielding a curb weight of 584 pounds with its 6.1-gallon tank full of fuel.

2014 Yamaha Super Tenere Gauges

Interestingly, the announcement of the revised Super 10 came from Yamaha Motor Canada, where the MSRP of $16,499 is the same as last year. The ES model requires a $1,000 premium when both versions arrive at dealers by the end of April.

Meanwhile, Yamaha’s American arm is keeping mum about its plans for the 2014 Ténéré, saying only that its dealers will be receiving some kind of announcement of new models in March.

2014 Yamaha Super Tenere ES Front Right

We can’t imagine the updated Super Ténéré wouldn’t be imported to the U.S., so we anticipate American Yamaha dealers will see their arrivals by May, likely at the same $14,790 MSRP as last year. In Canada, both versions are available in Matte Grey Metallic. Optional for the standard model is a Deep Purplish Blue Metallic colorway.