For Southern California residents, or those less fortunate denizens of colder climates desiring a reason to escape the frigid grip of winter, the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, CA, is featuring the work of Portland-based photographer Lanakila MacNaughton. The Women Who Ride, running through March 16, is an exhibition documenting the new wave of modern female motorcyclists in the U.S.

An excerpt from MacNaughton’s exhibit statement reads: “I want to reveal the brave, courageous, and beautiful women who live to ride. The show is a vehicle that promotes a new perception of female empowerment and inspires an independence and liberation through motorcycling. The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition is a traveling show. I hope to help discover and present female riders from all different communities, riding backgrounds, and styles, and influence connectivity amongst riders from these different areas. I hope to promote and present the freedom, independence, excitement, and personalities of the “born to be free” woman motorcyclists.”

For location, hours, info go to www.riversideartmuseum.