Of the 25 best inventions of 2013, Time magazine has placed the Mission R electric motorcycle in the number 7 spot.

Time’s reasoning is fairly straight-forward: 160 hp, 0-60 in under three seconds, 150 mph top speed, and 140-mile range. The clincher, and what cements the Mission’s spot on Time’s list, is all of this performance doesn’t come from a gas engine, but instead an electric motor.

Says Time:

“But unlike most beastly machines, this one has zero tailpipe emissions, no growling combustion engine and a digital touchscreen control panel. With none of the inertial forces produced by clunking pistons, a crankshaft, a clutch or any of the other mechanical parts in a traditional motorcycle, the Mission R has the kind of handling possible only in a vehicle powered by an austere electric motor. You can fuel it up pretty much anywhere that has an electrical outlet—at home or at a public electric-vehicle-charging station.”

We here at MO think pretty highly of the Mission, too. Check back soon when we unveil our top 10 anticipated motorcycles of 2014 to see where it ranks.