For just $120,000, you too can be the owner of a special piece of motorcycling history. Up for grabs on eBay is the 1973 Yamaha TZ750 that started it all.

Claimed by the current owner to be the test mule of none other than Kel Carruthers in 1973, this TZ carries the number #409-100001. Yamaha Works GP rider Sadeo Asami cared for the motorcycle for much of its racing life until it was returned to Yamaha USA where it was destined for the crusher. Fortunately, the bike was spared this fate when a mechanic recognized what was in the crate, dismantled major components and boxed them so they weren’t destroyed.

As the seller, notes: “The most important parts of the package were the complete frame with the special lay down swing arm, original factory fairing, rear seat. There were 12 large boxes containing the rest of the parts to complete the restoration. Included with these was an ultra rare NOS set of sand cast crank numbers, just the pair fitting number. (Note) these cases are too rare and valuable to ever use in my opinion. (the engine is complete and has never been started.”

The rest of the bike is pretty sweet, too, as it sits on seven-spoke Morris Mags, has a set of NOS carbs, as well as all the parts and tools that go along with them. The Daytona fuel tank, with its left-side dry brake refueling setup is said to have been repaired a few times, but judging by the pictures appears to still be in good condition.

Click on the listing above for more information. Bidding ends on January 2, 2014, at 9:57pm PST.