With an upgraded Öhlins’ Race SCU (Suspension Control Unit), the Öhlins OEM-fitted steering damper on 2013-14 Kawasaki ZX-10Rs can now be ramped up to race mode.

The Race SCU is programed to transform the Öhlins Mechatronic, electronically controlled OEM-fitted steering damper on the latest ZX-10R into race mode, allowing it to meet the demands of the track. From the factory, the Öhlins electronically controlled steering damper is tuned to be adaptive to a broad range of street riding, from parking lots to legal speeds. With the Race SCU, the steering damper reacts to the higher speeds of racetracks, and to kinetic extremes of velocity and rider input, providing a semi-active dynamic range of higher damping values.

It’s quite a feat in itself that the factory-fitted Öhlins damper is racetrack ready, and that all it needs is the proper tuning to make it perform. Many OEM-supplied dampers just aren’t able to handle the demands of a racetrack, but the electronically controlled ZX-10R damper’s internals already have all that’s needed in damping abilities from the factory — the Race SCU simply allows it to “switch gears” and react to the demands of racing.

The Öhlins Race SCU for the 2013-14 Kawasaki ZX-10R is part #21740-03, and has an MSRP of $328.00. Check out the dealer locater on the Ohlins USA website, to find a dealer near you.