Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. have announced that they will once again donate $50,000 to Sturgis Rally Charities Foundation who will in turn distribute that to local charities in and around the Sturgis community. This is the third year in a row that SMRi has made a contribution, all of which have been made possible by community supported licensing agreements that SMRi manages for the Sturgis brand.

This year was a very encouraging year for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. They gained additional community support as well as official endorsements from the Sturgis City Council and the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce. SMRi have continued to be the official stewards of the Sturgis brands and to show their support they once again are supporting the community by giving back to Sturgis Rally Charities.

Hundreds of retailers around the world carry Officially Licensed Sturgis products every year, through those sales, SMRi is able to donate funds to benefit the local Sturgis community. SMRi’s volunteer board is pleased to support Sturgis Rally Charities and in turn the organizations that serve and support a variety of causes in the area. SMRi values the time and hard work that these groups put into educating and protecting local children, supporting and rebuilding the community, and assisting community members in need. SMRi appreciates the strong participation of retailers throughout the world that support the licensing program and would like to personally thank them, and all the wonderful organizations that have labored to make the Black Hills and the Sturgis community a better place for all.