What self-respecting motorcyclist doesn’t close their eyes and breathe deeply whenever they get a whiff of two-stroke exhaust? To some it reminds them of their first bike (or perhaps scooter) or great dirt biking adventures. Still others others wax poetic while describing the smell of the entire Grand Prix grid passing under the Turn 1 embankment at Laguna Seca on the first lap of a race during the 500cc era. Regardless, it is a smell – that today – is usually experienced in passing.

Well, just in time for the holiday season, we’ve stumbled on a shop that is selling the perfect gift for your favorite gearhead. During a time of year when the air is full of enough smells of baking foods that the average person can gain weight without even sitting down at the table, imagine the moto-joy of doffing your riding gear and walking into a living room filled with the smell of gen-u-ine two-stroke smoke. Flying Tiger Motorcycles is selling candles scented with Blendzall Racing Castor 2-Cycle Oil and what they’re also calling “high-octane fragrance.” Take that Christmas trees and your woodsy pine scent.

If, perhaps, you prefer the smell of the open road, Flying Tiger has a candle for that, too. With a proprietary blend of black suede and salty sea air, a road trip is just a flick of a lighter away.

Both candles can be purchased for $20 from Flying Tiger Motorcycles at www.flyingtigermoto.com.