Earlier this year, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 was one of several models impacted by a recall on Nissin anti-lock brake system modulators. The fault for that problem clearly lay with Nissin, as the same issue affected other motorcycles from several manufacturers. The little Ninja might not be out of the wood yet however, as other brake-related issues have come up.

No recalls have been announced yet by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the American market, but members of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 forum in the U.S. say they have received letters from Kawasaki Motor Corp. U.S.A. about brake caliper interference on some 2013-2014 Ninja 300 models. According to the letter, a clamp welded to the swingarm may interfere with the rear brake caliper. ABS-equipped models face another problem, as the ABS sensor lead bracket may interfere with the front brake caliper. Either issue may result in abnormal wear on the outer brake pads, causing them to wear more than the inner pads.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced a recall on 2013-2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 models for these two separate brake issues. Meanwhile in Japan, Kawasaki has initiated a service campaign (which is not as stringent as a full recall) was issued covering both issues on the Ninja 250, which is still sold in some markets instead of the 300. The naked Z250 is also included in the Japanese service campaign.

Kawasaki dealers will inspect the rear clamp on affected models and, if required, adjust the clamp to prevent interference on the brake caliper. Dealers will also inspect ABS-equipped models and replace the front ABS sensor lead bracket and bolt with redesigned components.

[Source: Kawasaki Ninja 300 forum, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Kawasaki (Japan)]