Real road racers have balls the size of melons. Whether it’s blazing past Isle of Man neighborhoods at speeds nearing 200 mph, or dragging shoulders on the walls of the famed street circuit at Macau, the guys who do this are nuts, and we love them for it.

This year, veteran IOM and Macau competitor Mark Miller (and teammate Brandon Cretu) got the special opportunity to pilot fully race-prepped EBR 1190RS machines around Macau for the Splitlath Redmond racing team. They stuck a camera to the side of the bike to capture the intensity and bar-bashing nature of the race as well. This is the result.

As you can see in the video below, Miller is in the thick of the action as he qualified in 20th place. He gets off to a good start, but loses some positions as he avoids a crash in front of him. From there, watch him pick apart the other riders en route to his 11th place finish.

Some interesting things to note:

  •  The 1190RS has a great V-Twin rumble at full song!
  • It also seems to lack top-end power compared to its four-cylinder rivals (watch it suffer on the long straight).
  • Miller makes up quite a bit of ground under braking and with corner speed.
  • Real road racers are every bit as aggressive once the green flag drops as short circuit racers. Check out the close passing!