Yamaha has initiated recalls on the 2010 R1 in several markets because of a problem with the wiring harness causing high idle speeds. As of this writing, recalls have been announce for Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. No recall has been announced for the U.S. at this time, though we will keep our eyes open should a recall be announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to the recall announcement from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, a defect may cause the resistance in the wire harness between the accelerator position sensor (APS), throttle position sensor (TPS) and the engine control module (ECU) to increase. As a result, the APS and TPS may send incorrect signals to the ECU, potentially preventing the engine from returning to normal idle speeds when the throttle is closed.

The U.K.’s Vehicle & Operator Service Agency and Germany’s Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) provide similar descriptions to the problem.

Yamaha dealers will replace the wiring harness on the recalled units. The recall affects 139 units in the U.K. and 85 units in Australia. Germany’s KBA did not announce how many units are affected by its recall.

We will provide an update if a similar recall is announced for the U.S.

[Source: VOSA, KBA, ACCC]