Aftermarket seat manufacturer Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC has announced a new custom seat option that should excite its customers. Begun with a soft launch this past summer of three of its popular models, the Tripper Solo, Tripper Fastback and DayTripper,  the Custom Seat program has had its shakedown period and is ready to go live.

The three step customization process begins with selecting one of three stitching patterns. After choosing either the plain, tuck and roll, or diamond stitch pattern, customers get to choose the seat vinyl color from 12 options ranging from basic black to sun yellow. Next comes the choice of thread color for the stitching – with 12 color options.

If all of that sounds like a bit much to wrap your head around, Mustang has photos of all of the possible combinations (according to our fingers and toes that would be 432) complete with a handy zoom-in feature that allows for a close inspection. For those who are uncertain if their computer is delivering an accurate rendition of the colors, Mustang will send a color swatch to assist in the selection process.

When visiting the Mustang site, don’t be put off by the fact that the selector only shows seats for select Harley models and not your specific motorcycle. (Remember, the 432 combinations that need to be built for each model seat?) A Bolt seat will soon be joining the custom page, and according to a Mustang representative we contacted “the variety of thread and vinyl color options are available for most styles of any seat that Mustang offers for any make and model.” So, do your research with the seats represented online and then order for the specific seat desired.

The official debut of the Custom Seat program will be at the IMS stop at Long Beach on December 6-8 2013. Folks who can’t make it to Southern California can visit the Mustang website at