Lit Motors, the company behind the fully-enclosed C1 electric two-wheeler, has opened a KickStarter campaign to raise funds for its new box-like electric scooter, the Kubo.

The San Francisco company calls the Kubo a “pickup truck on two wheels”, though we’re not sure that’s the best way to describe it. The Kubo’s main defining feature is the 22-inch square open space in the middle designed to hold cargo.

Lit Motors says the Kubo can carry a total weight of 300 pounds, including cargo and rider. The floor of the space is low to the ground, just a couple of inches above the level of the wheel axles in fact, to keep the center of gravity low when carrying a load. The frame has tie-down hooks for attaching a cargo net to hold parcels in place, though it’s probably not a good idea to load small objects unless you put them in a box.

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The Kubo is powered by a 3 kW hub-mounted electric motor that Lit Motors says will provide a top speed of 45 mph and a range of 50 miles per charge, though the range would presumably depend on the weight of the cargo.

Other features include a lockable compartment, under-seat storage, integrated digital speedometer, odometer and battery indicator and LED lighting.

Lit Motors is seeking $300,000 in funding through its KickStarter page, and as of this writing, the campaign has raised $28,071 in pledges from 101 backers, with another 24 days remaining.

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