Kawasaki revealed a new concept at the Tokyo Motor Show that appears to combine a rowing machine, a Tron Lightcycle and Yamaha‘s Tesseract leaning four-wheeler concept.

Dubbed the Kawasaki J, the concept vehicle is an electric-powered three-wheeler that can change its shape to suit either a sportier or a more comfortable riding position.


Instead of handlebars, the rider grabs a pair of hand grips that each connect directly to one of the two front wheels via two long levers. For a sportier ride position, the rider leans forward while bringing the front wheels closer together. For more comfortable cruising, the rider assumes a more vertical position while the front wheels spread out.

Kawasaki did not provide much detail about the powertrain, except to say the motor is powered by a Gigacell high-capacity nickel metal hydride battery.


It’s unlikely Kawasaki will ever bring the J to production. The transforming nature and using what is essentially a pair of ski poles to steer may prove to be too impractical. Kawasaki is likely using the concept to showcase its proprietary Gigacell battery technology.

[Source: Kawasaki]