E-bike mega-miler, Terry Hershner, is at it again. In June of last year, Hershner became the first person to cross the United States on an electric motorcycle. This time, he’s attempting to become the fastest person to cross the country on an electric bike, going from San Diego, California to Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and he’s doing it with a passenger!

The record is currently held by Moto Electra, with rider Thad Wolff at the controls. They did the trip in three days, coming east from Florida and ending at the Santa Monica pier in California. Hershner, along with friend and passenger, Bun Bun, is attempting to complete the trip in just two and a half days.

As you can imagine, Hershner’s 2012 Zero S is modified to the extreme. Stock, the Zero ZF9 battery pack puts out nine kWh and takes eight hours to charge. Hershner’s bike doubles the kWh output and can charge in just one hour, thanks to the addition of numerous Elcon 2500 PFC chargers and a tank bag full of various power adapters. Whether it’s a J1772, NEMA 14-50 (like you would see at laundromats) or anything in between, Hershner can make it work, and often uses multiple charging stations in unison for optimum power output and fast charge times.

Then there’s the aerodynamics. Working with the famed Craig Vetter, the two created the “dustbin” fairing seen at the front of the bike, but for a while the rear bodywork ended with a stub just rear of the subframe. Vetter and Hershner took two months to design, fabricate and install the tail piece for optimum air flow and minimal drag. Currently, the bike is capable of nearly 200 miles on a single charge — very impressive for a motorcycle that started life as a standard Zero S!

Hershner and Bun Bun are currently en route to Florida as of this posting. You can keep track of Terry’s progress by following his Off The Grid Facebook page.