In what direction Husqvarna’s going with this prototype we don’t really know. Husky hasn’t released any factual information about the company’s 701 prototype except for some existential blather on the company’s Facebook page.

“It is a glimpse of the future Husqvarna design direction, the philosophy that future Husqvarna’s will follow, where the surfaces of the bodywork are understated, focusing on simplicity.”

That’s more bodywork than we’ve seen on any modern Husky. How is this bike understated? Facebook comments haven’t been kind:

“Please tell me a toddler designed this and it’s a joke?”

“SO INSANELY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs down.”

“Looks like an ’80’s project of a 2010 bike.”

“Please put the sheet back over it.”

The Husqvarna 701 is powered by a 690cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine, that Husky claims produces 75hp. The bike uses a lightweight Chromoly steel trellis frame and is suspended by the latest WP fork and shock. There’s a high performance exhaust and Brembo radial brakes.

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