Today, at the EICMA 2013 show, Yamaha unveiled what it is calling a new direction in its urban commuter category. The Tricity is a LMW (Leaning Multi Wheel) scooter aimed at folks who previously may not have considered a two-wheeled alternatives to public transportation.

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Yamaha claims the three-wheeled Tricity is more agile than other manufacturers’ trike scooters. The Tricity gets its motivation from a thrifty, liquid-cooled 125cc engine. The automatic transmission makes getting along as simple as rolling on the throttle. The LMW’s compact size and light weight make it maneuverable enough for daily use in Europe’s crowded cities. The three-wheeled stance also serves to increase the confidence of those unfamiliar with the fun of two-wheeled transport’s cornering lean.

The Tricity’s storage capacity adds functionality to its fun factor. The scoot will be competitively priced.

Yamaha Europe hopes that the Tricity will be nothing less than a revolution for urban commuters. Whether it makes it Stateside is, at this point, just a matter of speculation.

[Source: Yamaha Europe]