A year ago we reported that Vectrix had teamed with Daimler to produce a smart e-scooter for 2014. Today Vectrix has announced that scooter’s arrival. The new electric scooter boasts interchangeable (no tool required) and scaleable lithium batteries, a patented Planetary Gear Drive system, regenerative braking/throttle technology, a 62-mph top speed and a range of up to 55 miles.

Vectrix says the VT-1 is the first e-scooter equivalent to a 125cc ICE-powered scoot. “The Vectrix VT-1 is remarkable by design,” says Brian Buccella, president of Vectrix. “ The craftsmanship the Vectrix engineers put into this new revolutionary scooter is inspiring. The VT-1 will captivate the consumer and expand the experience electric freedom can bring.”

The VT-1 plugs into standard 220V/110V outlets via a 10-foot braided cord residing under the seat. Charging times are three hours from zero to 80% while zero-to-full charging times range from four to six hours depending on batter configuration. Instead of a belt or chain the VT-1 is propelled by its Planetary Gear Drive system which is a 3-to-1 reduction gear drive. Vectrix says the gear drive system needs no maintenance until a recommended re-lubrication at 200,000 miles.

Like its predecessor, the VX-1, the VT-1 offers lockable storage space under the driver’s seat, as well as a lockable glovebox. All VT-1 models are equipped with ABS assisted front- and rear-disc brakes. Other highlights include an LCD instrument cluster, a modular storage system and a 24-month warranty. No retail pricing was announced.

For more check out Vectrix.com.